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Human Centric Lighting

Human Centric Lighting – HCL
Daylight, a natural regulator of our organism
Some parts of human circadian rhythm (24 h) 
Thanks to evolution, our lives and our activities are driven by the natural day-night cycle. Throughout the day, when plenty of natural light is available, we are active and perform all our activities, such as school, work, hobbies and entertainment. The evening is a period when the light fades and gradually weakens. With darkness comes the time for a needed rest.
Our everyday cycle developed as an adaptation to the environment that surrounds us. Scientific research has confirmed that compliance with the natural day-night cycle is not only a practical thing but it is also deeply rooted in our nature. Type of light affects the human organism, the production of vitamins and production of melatonin that regulates sleep, therefore has a direct impact on mood and health of our bodies.
About 80% of our sensory impressions are registered through our eyes. And it is a quality of light that determines how well we see and perceive our surrounding. Lighting type has a key impact on our eyesight and it directly affects our mental and physical well-being.
The principle of HCL is to imitate the natural daylight in the interior with the use
of artificial luminaires.
Natural daylight changes dynamically throughout the day in terms of intensity and colour temperature. And this has a direct impact on our biological rhythm which is called
the Circadian cycle, that controls human biological clocks. For its proper functioning and thus our health it is necessary to follow the preset cycles of the human body.
The colour temperature of natural light develops from 1 900 K (at sunrise) to 7 000 K (at noon) during the day. In the evening, it gradually decreases to the value around 2 700 K. It is a signal for the human organism to prepare for sleep.
Pluses and uses of the Human Centric Lighting
Mainly suitable for areas where people spend much of their daytime:
Main advantages:


Correct lighting helps a human body synchronize with the “natural day-night rhythm”. It is healthier for the biological system and it is important for the proper
production of melatonin that is crucial for good sleep.


Proper lighting keeps us alert and efficient throughout the whole day.


Light has a key influence on our sight and it directly affects our mental and physical well-being and the health of the whole organism.
Following luminaires contain two sets of LED
Ceiling and suspended LED luminaire
Salemo LED HCL
Recessed LED luminaire
Recessed LED luminaire
Recessed LED luminaire
Arietis LED HCL
Recessed LED luminaire IP65